Heat welds up to 120 Lineal ft of seams in 10 minutes! Factory seams. Wrinkle-free welding because of design and balance. Economic and user friendly, high welding speed and field tested for roofing membranes.

RGC Swing Hoists are ruggedly constructed to handle heavy, bulking loads of up to 1,000 lbs. The RGC Hoist is  set up for the boom to swing to the right! Swing Hoists are easily transported in pieces and then assembled with self-locking pins and basic hand tools. HydraWinch HD will lift 1000 lbs. up to 700 ft.

Swing Hoists are powered by one of the many models of RGC gas and electric HydraPaks. Each HydraPak and hydraulic winch provide smooth, precise boom, lifting and lowering control. Refer to the Hoisting HydraPak page for more information.

The Ariens 36" Power broom is light weight enough to move around and big enough to sweep the most challenging roofs.

Safety rails that clamp on any parapet wall or screw down for OH&S compliance and the safety of your men.

Garbage Chute systems are available for rent or for purchase. Collapses and stacks in sheets for easy delivery.

The Piranha roof cutter from GRIZZLY is the best cutter you can find. We have equipped it with an GX340 Honda engine, a single lifting ring, a machined depth control arm, and a floating blade cover for safety. A remote air breather is placed high, away from the dust. Changing V-belts has never been easier, simply relieve the belt tensioner and replace the old belts with new belts.

Pumps up to the roof. Great for mopping down insulation or plys of roofing in hot asphalt.

A smaller size.  Pumps up to the roof. Great for mopping down insulation or plys of roofing in hot asphalt.

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