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2.75" PolyIso Paperfaced on sale for only $1.30 /Ft2 (4'x8' sheet $45.76 crane truck loading to roof in 10 Bdle loads saves crane charges.! Save Now! I have some 3.3" as well  

We are a supply company that is roofer-friendly tailored for roofers, solving problems on the site that saves time and money and increases quality.

Dominion Distribution Ltd. began with the realization that by the deployment of innovative solutions and inventive machinery we could provide solutions that are cost effective and improve quality. Cutting roofing membranes on site for example is an expensive and labor intensive process that often results...


  • Save time and money

  • Increased quality of the roof systems

  • Roofing equipment rental for small and large roofers

  • Supplies cut to suit by our Roof Mill

  • Innovative cut to size roofing products, adhesives and insulation


  • Integrity

  • Customer first mentality

  • High speed service

  • Affordable pricing first priority all the time, every time

10 Bundles CraneLoaded.jpg